By Tom Warthen – President, ProSite Web Design LLC –

This year, more than half of all consumers will shop online during the holiday season. Virtual holiday shopping is exploding in popularity and smart businesses, knowing that Internet advertising gives more value compared to traditional media, are reaping the benefits.

The increase in online sales is expected to triple that of traditional retail. Astounding numbers especially on the heels of a recession.

If these statistics alone don’t have you convinced, here are four additional reasons why online marketing provides more real, long-term value.

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Lower overall costs

Simply put, it’s much less expensive to launch a great business website and put a strong Internet marketing plan into place than it is to reach buyers through traditional advertising. That means that businesses of all sizes, even those without massive marketing or advertising budgets, can reach their customers effectively without cutting back spending in other parts of the company.

Precise targeting

Perhaps the best thing about online advertising is that it lets you target exactly the kinds of buyers you want to reach. Whether you are optimizing search terms, customizing pay-per-click ads for specific keywords and search phrases, or building product pages, everything you do can be focused on attracting a certain kind of customer. Even the most niche print publications can’t duplicate that to the degree new technologies can, which means with print you are always wasting a portion of your budget advertising to people who aren’t likely to buy from you.

Agile campaigns

In the same way, an Internet marketing campaign can be expanded, adjusted, or even halted at any given time. When you’re working with print or other traditional media, the necessary lead-in times prohibit you from making serious shifts to a campaign, even if it’s doing better or worse than expected.

Higher ROI

You don’t have to look any farther than the earlier statistics to find evidence of online marketing’s effectiveness. In a recent survey, 87% of businesses polled indicated that they would maintain or increase their Internet marketing budgets.1 Businesses everywhere are seeing strong results using the Internet.

Your website is reaching out to new visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you’re looking for a business website that will pay for itself time and time again, with a strong marketing campaign to match, it’s time to ask for a free consultation from ProSite Web Design. Call or email today!

Tom Warthen is the President of ProSite Web Design LLC and has been helping businesses looking for a high return on their online marketing investment since the early days of the Internet in the 1990s. To learn more about how ProSite Web Design can apply their formula for online marketing success to your company to power your business, consistently attract clients, and accelerate your profits, visit

1. “Key Findings From U.S. Digital Marketing Spending Survey, 2013” 6 March 2013. Web. Gartner. 1 December 2013.