By Tom Warthen – President, ProSite Web Design LLC –

One of the most important aspects of any website is the content. Creating engaging content is one of the bigger challenges you will face when launching or updating a website. The web designer will typically take care of the technical and creative side of the site, while you will be responsible for providing the message. ProSite Web Design has compiled some quick tips to help you easily generate great content for your website.

#1 – Show your customers how you can help

The web offers a unique medium to visually showcase your talents. Use it to your full advantage by displaying a portfolio of your work. Alternatively, show before and after photos of your projects or services. Downloadable guides, sales/marketing materials, or even video tutorials can also show how you can address a problem for your clients.

#2 – Tell them how you do it differently

People Who Lend Money

What differentiates you from the competition? Quality, selection, price, personalized service and customization are among many factors that can distinguish your business from its competitors. Let your customers know how they will be treated and how you do business.

#3 – Highlight your credibility

People like to know who they are doing business with. Testimonials, reviews, press, licenses, awards, and even years in business, or years of experience can let your customers know that you can be trusted with their business. Bios and photos of you and your team can also give the website a personal touch.

#4 – Provide quick-reference FAQs

This might be the easiest source of content. What information could help customers make more informed decisions about your products or services? If you find yourself answering the same questions repeatedly, consider including the answers on your website. This will save you the time and effort of answering these questions in person or on the phone.

#5 – Give a call to action

Increasing the number of visitors to your website isn’t the end goal. Maybe you want them to make an appointment, call or visit the store, join a mailing list, or connect via social media. Make it clear what you want them to do next and include incentives to act now with discounts, giveaways, or limited time offers.

Content is extremely important to the success of your website and online marketing. The key is to focus on the needs of your customers. People search the web with questions, and they’ve come to your site for the answers. Provide information that is relevant and valuable and you can’t go wrong.

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