Give Your Website A Tune Up

By Tom Warthen – President, ProSite Web Design LLC –

Now is the perfect time to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and streamline your business for maximum profitability.

ProSite Web Design explores ideas to help you accomplish these goals, starting with a list of questions to ask yourself in order to measure and improve your website’s performance.

Or, let ProSite save you the time and effort by doing it for you. Contact ProSite Web Design today to see how we can help.

Bottom line: Your […]

How Your Business Can Profit From Search Engine Optimization

By Tom Warthen – President, ProSite Web Design LLC –

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO involves customizing your website code and content so that your website lists as high as possible in search engines, like Google. It has quickly become one of the best marketing investments a company can make.

The higher your site appears in search results, the more visitors it will receive and the more opportunities you will have to gain customers.

Recent studies have confirmed that there is a […]

How Much Should a New Business Website Cost?

By Tom Warthen – President, ProSite Web Design LLC –

Although this is a question that’s certain to bring a lot of different answers, it remains a popular one and it’s on your mind as you begin the process of creating your new website.

To come to some sort of answer, let’s begin by narrowing things down a little. The price you should pay for a new business website is largely influenced by three factors:

Online Sales Conversion – From Online to Offline: How to Get Web Visitors Into Your Retail Store

By Tom Warthen – President, ProSite Web Design LLC –

If you own a retail or physical store, you should know that online marketing is essential to your success. Finding customers online can be just as valuable to your offline business as it is to companies that sell their products exclusively over the Internet.

Google has observed that roughly 20% of all searches it processes contain a location-based phrase1. That means that billions of customers turned to the world’s largest […]

How to Find a Good Web Designer

By Tom Warthen – President, ProSite Web Design LLC –

How easy is it to find a business web designer? That depends. Do you want someone who can build a website, or a trusted partner who can help you grow your business online?

It’s important to make this distinction, since there are over a billion results for a Google search on “business web design”. Obviously, some of the companies you’ll find out there represent a better value than others, so […]

How to Generate More Leads From Your Website

By Tom Warthen – President, ProSite Web Design LLC –

Ongoing optimization is the key to maximizing your online presence.

However, many businesses struggle to keep website content updated and to stay current with constantly changing technologies even though a website is a key element in attracting clients.

Thankfully, there is a solution that not only saves you precious time but powers your online marketing into an even more valuable lead generation tool – working […]

No more wasted advertising. 4 reasons why online marketing provides a better value in attracting clients.

By Tom Warthen – President, ProSite Web Design LLC –

This year, more than half of all consumers will shop online during the holiday season. Virtual holiday shopping is exploding in popularity and smart businesses, knowing that Internet advertising gives more value compared to traditional media, are reaping the benefits.

The increase in online sales is expected to triple that of traditional retail. Astounding numbers especially on the heels of a recession.

If these statistics alone don’t have you convinced, here are […]